3 Ways To Patch A Hole In The Wall

Every home, at one point or another, will need to patch a hole in the wall. Whether it’s to repair a spot where a nail used to be or to fix damage caused by a different repair project, fixing a hole can be easily completed in a variety of methods.

Failure to patch holes in the wall properly can result in a whole set of other problems, including:

·    trapping moisture which causes mold and mildew to grow

·    creating a potential entrance for rodents and bugs

·    damaging the wallboard on either side of the hole.

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Consider the following effective ways to patch a hole in the wall that will fit into any homeowner’s budget and schedule!

# 1
– For Small Holes In Walls

If you don’t have the time and need a quick fix for a small hole in the wall, simply add a dab of putty and paint over it. However, if you prefer a more permanent solution that won’t require touch ups, consider adding drywall or another type of durable patching material over the area.

# 2
– For Large Holes In Walls

If you have a large hole in the wall but aren’t sure how to fix it – don’t worry! Simply purchase patching material that is designed specifically for this purpose. For holes larger than six inches, consider using a metal lath in addition to the mesh patching material.

# 3
– For Those Who Do Not DIY

Several handyman services near me in st petersburg, fl can complete hole repair quickly and professionally. This is perfect if you don’t have time for DIY projects or if you simply need to have an expert do this job properly!

For the best results when patching a hole in the wall, make sure you use the proper materials and tools, cover it up with paint or wallpaper, and regularly check for water damage around the area.