Adding That Extra Little Something To Your Kitchen

Doing a redesign or a remodel of your kitchen can be a fun but scary project. For many people, getting into a full-blown remodel can become expensive and their current status really isn’t that bad. So, what can you do to get that extra pop at a low budget?


lavish cabinet hardware

The first thing that will make your kitchen pop is lavish cabinet hardware. These are going to be your knobs, hinges and other personal touches. For me, I like a polished nickel look. It makes the cabinets pop.


The next thing you can do is change up your kitchen rugs. Giving the kitchen a new feel is going to add that extra touch that really pops out at people who enter into your kitchen.

Color Scheme

The next thing I suggest is revamping your paint scheme. Now, if you are doing a remodel or redesign and this isn’t something you can do, you can always add some color to the existing cabinets. For most normal people, doing both is a feat that requires major money and time commitment. So where do we go from here?

Give it time

Tweaking your kitchen could take days or weeks if you are going for the full makeover deal. So, as most things, choose wisely and take your time. You really don’t want to rush it and if you have some extra money laying around, go for the professional look.

Incorporating rustic items

The one thing that I know a lot of people do is incorporate rustic elements into their kitchen. This can be done with paintings, open shelving, and other elements.

The key to this is to make sure these rustic elements are in rustic wood or iron. Brushed bronze will not have the same effect as unfinished oak cabinets.