The Best Ways To Remove Flooring Materials

Before you can complete a new flooring installation in your home or property, it is essential to remove the current flooring.

This task can be completed quickly if the correct methods are used to remove a specific flooring material.

Follow this guide on the best ways to remove flooring materials to ensure that your old flooring does not damage the sub-floor or foundation when pulled up.


The best way to remove a carpet is to tear it out from the floor. Start at the edge and carefully cut through the fabric with a utility knife. Once you have broken through, carefully pull upwards on the cut edge to separate the carpet from its staples or nails.

Roll the carpet up after you have removed it from the floor for easy transport or disposal.

Vinyl Flooring

The best and easiest way to remove vinyl flooring in lafayette la is a heat gun. It will soften the adhesive without causing damage to the sub-floor or foundation.

Using a razor knife, cut around the edges of each vinyl sheet until you have completely removed it from the area. Be sure to avoid cutting into any wires, pipes, or baseboards.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be easily removed using a claw hammer. First, pull up any nails or staples protruding from the planks, then carefully place a claw on each side of the seam between the boards and pull back to remove. Repeat this action until all of the wood has been pulled away from the floor.

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Tile Flooring

Tile can be removed using a chisel and ball-peen or sledgehammer.  First, use the chisel to chip away at any mortar holding the tile in place, then use the hammer to pry up or smash each tile, depending on the strength of the adhesive holding it in place.